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Ten years ago Jeff Sabatino decided to use his years of experience to try to make a better life for himself and his family and start his own portable welding business.

The business growth started out slow, beginning with one welding machine and one welding truck. Since that time it has grown into a solid business with three welding trucks and welding machines. Jeff is still the only fulltime employee at the business but whenever he needs help Jeff will bring in other skilled welders part-time or temporarily to complete a job.

Jeff Sabatino has almost 30 years of experience welding and it gives him the ability to design and create almost anything. In his spare time he created a cast iron stove that heats his garage and the basement of his house. Currently, Jeff is in the middle of designing and building a truck bed for his one of his welding trucks.

Because Jeff Sabatino Welding is a small, family business there is a sense of pride that Jeff Sabatino takes in all the welding he does. Jeff always gives his clients the highest quality work at a fair price. Anyone who knows Jeff and the business and would tell you Jeff is a hard worker whose honesty and integrity drives the business.

Bio for Jeff Sabatino, Owner
I started welding at 17 years of age on drag line chain links and became fascinated with that little blue light.

Next I was hired at a foundry in Salem, Ohio in the Maintenance Department during that time I started to put a rig together for myself, doing primarily aluminum.

From there I went to a shop that made water cooled furnace hoods and panels. When I got layed off, I went out on my own in 1998.

Ten years later I had the opportunity to do a lot of different kind a work, mostly onsite fabrication.

I current serve the following areas in Ohio Salem, Wellsville, East Liverpool, Lisbon, Minerva, Alliance, Carrollton, and Youngstown. Moreover, sometimes I travel to Cleveland and Columbus to work on cell towers.

Uncompromised Integrity
Because Jeff is the driving force behind the business it has become an extention of his strong moral character. Jeff is up at 5 a.m. most everyday and works 10 - 12 hour days because he is committed to his job and his family.

If you choose to use Jeff Sabatino Welding, you choose the best.

A Family Business
Jeff Sabatino is a small family business run by the owner but when and as needed for a project Jeff will bring on others professional welders from his network of resources.

Jeff also teaches his sons how to weld and is hoping that one day they will take over the business

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